Control & Fascia Panels

At IPS Graphics we design and develop a wide range of controls and fascia panels for a wide range of applications and industries

  • Available in PVC, Polycarbonate or Polyester
  • Under-surface printed for durability and permanence of legend
  • Selection of specialise adhesives for various surfaces
  • Gloss, matt, satin, velvet surface finishes available. All can be scratch resistant if required.
  • Large range of colours from Pantone or colour matching to customer requirements
  • Available with display windows for LCD display or secret till lit filter colours
  • Embossed keypads or Brail areas for use with discreet switches
  • User changeable legends for insertion of variable information
  • Can be supplied complete on support panels or plastic or metal

Customised Windows

Ideal for the Telecommunication, Instrumentation and Electronics Industries, customised windows are:

  • Suitable for customising a standard product.
  • More versatile than existing moulded equivalents
  • Available in Polyester or Polycarbonate Window with Hard coat or Anti-glare finish
  • Gloss, matt, satin or velvet surface finish
  • Large range of colours from Pantone or colour matching to customer requirements
  • Selection of specialised adhesives for various surfaces

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About IPS Graphics

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Based in Hertfordshire, IPS Graphics is a bespoke industrial printing company, with a combined 50 years experience in the manufacturing of labels, nameplates, membrane switch panels and industrial graphics. IPS Graphics offers a complete professional and personal service; from artwork through to delivery, dedicated to customer service and care. IPS’ client base sectors include; telecoms, defence, electronics, food manufacturing, test and measurement; detection equipment and healthcare.

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